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Ultra Capacitor Battery Package

$30.00$2,650.00 excl GST

The Ultra Capacitor Battery (UCB) is a high-performance lithium hybrid capacitor battery designed for universal application in the energy storage industry. It is ideal for installations where battery safety and performance are critical.

Infinitely scalable in series and parallel, the UCB is available at 2.2kWh per module in a range of voltage.

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$2,490.00 excl GST
$2,490.00 excl GST
$2,650.00 excl GST
$2,650.00 excl GST
$60.00 excl GST
$80.00 excl GST
$30.00 excl GST
$250.00 excl GST
$450.00 excl GST
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Connection Method

When the series-parallel combination is chosen, the physical layout can be selected and the End Bar, Joiner Tube and Joiner Bar set can be calculated.

An example of 16 UCBs in series


An example of 6 parallel x 18 UCBs in series to be connected together