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Arvio's Approach​

Born out of our founder’s passion for Sustainability, and as a solar system provider for many years, Arvio saw an opportunity to apply sustainable design thinking and innovative energy products to the most challenging problems in building design, construction and maintenance.

Up to 80% of a buildings cost are incurred during occupation phase of 50-year lifespan. Using the Passivhaus® methodology we identify how your building will consume resources during that time.

We work with your team to optimise the design and build of your home or building.

Arvio’s vision of energy independence is driven by the simple concept of using less and making more. Our approach is to …  

Design for Comfort

Improve quality of life by applying Passivhaus® concepts in ways that suit the Australian environment and lifestyle. Many Australians live in close proximity to the bush or the sea which presents a unique set of challenges.

Build for Efficiency

Power consumption in Australia’s harsh and changeable climate is variable, and we are fortunate to have access to technologies and materials which can reduce energy consumption by 65-90% compared to a standard house build.

Energy for Independence

Energy production and supply are undergoing significant change and Arvio provides a range of technology solutions that put Zero-Grid energy usage in the reach of most building owners.

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