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Based on ISO7730 the Passivhaus® methodology is the gold standard in building design and construction.

The Passivhaus® certification standard is a holistic approach, based around the principles of the international thermal comfort standard ISO 7730. Buildings following this standard use five design principles to attain a quantifiable and rigorous level of energy efficiency within a specific quantifiable comfort level.  Compared with typical buildings, a Passivhaus® will consume up to 90% less energy in operation.

Clare Parry, Environment Design Guide, EDG 79 CP, May 2014

Thermal Insulation

Increased thermal comfort and minimized the risk of condensation.

Thermal Bridges

Reduced thermal transmission losses through the building envelope.


Windows with minimised transmission losses, optimised size and the location to increase solar gain in winter and while reducing in summer.


Optimal fresh purified fresh air supply while recovering up to 90% of the heat or cold of the building.


Reduced losses through air infiltration of the building.

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