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Systems and Products

Photo by Karsten Würth (@karsten.wuerth) on Unsplash

Ultra Capacitor Batteries (UCB)

The Arvio Ultra Capacitor Battery (UCB) is ideal for installations where battery safety and performance are critical. Infinitely scalable in series and parallel, the UCB is available at 2.2kWh per module from 2.3V to 27.6V.

E-Maxx + MyArvio

E-Maxx + MyArvio give OEMs, installers and system owners a better way to support complex energy systems.

E-Maxx + MyArvio simplifies inter-connectivity of energy system devices across generation methods, inverters and attached devices.

Fully Fitted out IDS

Independence Day System

Integrated solution with solar controllers, inverters, batteries and remote access. Our off grid solutions are perfect for remote or edge of grid. On grid solutions are available to allow the movement of energy management between residences.

Sirius Energy Storage

The world’s FIRST super capacitor-based energy storage system that provides a safe, efficient, effective, long life-cycle alternative to chemical batteries. Features include:

  • Operating temperature range -30°C to 85°C1
  • No capacity or efficiency degradation over projected cycle life
  • 99% DC-to-DC efficiency (@25°C)2
  • Medium and long duration discharge capability
  • Supercap cell cycle life and capacity unaffected by high rate of charge or discharge
  • Non-toxic, with no risk of thermal runaway
  • Supercap cell projected calendar life of 45 years and cycle life of 1,000,000 cycles
  • 10-year warranty

Performance may vary at different temperatures at different C-rates.

Performance may vary at different temperatures and at different C-rates.

Kilowatt Labs Sirius Supercap v2


BioPCM™ uses the power of phase change materials to actively absorb and release heat. These “phase changes” help maintain constant, comfortable building temperatures. Thanks to major break throughs in design, Phase Change Energy Solutions uses sustainably grown, harvested and produced bio-based phase change materials to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. BioPCM™ is non-toxic and non-corrosive, and shifts the warmth of the day into the night and the cool of the night into the day, all the while passively holding room temperature.